Waste Vegetable Oil System

We offer various types of WVO systems that will fit your facility’s need. 


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What We Offer

As a Green Nature Recycling customer, you have the choice between indoor and outdoor bins. These used cooking oil containment tanks come in different sizes to fit your operation’s needs. We offer rolling bins and outdoor steel bins with easy to use locking lids.

The design of our equipment is to make sure your staff can safely and efficiently dispose of and contain used cooking oil. Our bins are durable, and leak-proof ensuring your waste areas are clean and safe.

Green Nature Recycling always collects your waste cooking oil before the storage bin is full to ensure you always have room to dispose of used oil. Our incredible routing system ensures that no container will overflow.

Our Solutions & Benefits

Green Nature Recycling manufactures a new generation of outdoor used cooking oil containers that can accommodate a variety of space restrictions. The indoor and outdoor containers are available in several sizes.
75 gal Indoor
100 gal Outdoor
200gal Outdoor

Made to fit in tight indoor spaces. This 75 gallon stainless steel container is designed to fit under a counter. The durable wheels make this bin mobile and allow it to fit in areas that are convenient for your kitchen.

Our outdoor 100 gallon tank is constructed with 100% stainless steel, making it very durable and leak-proof. It is designed with a smart theft deterrent lid that helps reduce theft and oil contamination. We can put this outdoor bin anywhere you like. 

This 200gal Outdoor bin is designed for restaurants producing a lot of used cooking oil and grease. 


These storage bins are made so thieves can’t get into them. We secure them with tamper-proof locks. They also feature solid steel grates that only our technicians have access to. 

WVO Container FAQ's

Green Nature Recycling provides its customers a waste oil container free of charge. That is the benefit of working with us.

It's better to avoid this and schedule a pick up earlier, however sometimes this happens. If your storage tank is overflowing, give us a call right away and we will send some ASAP. In the meantime:

- Do not add any more cooking oil to the container.

- Use a temporary container to collect any used oil until our pumper has arrived.

- Prevent slipping and injury by blocking off the area.

When grease is improperly managed it can lead to minor grease spills. We understand that this happens and we offer complimentary pressure washes to ensure your work area looks great.

It is rare that our durable steel containers have any issues like an overflow or leak. In the case that your cooking oil bin needs repair or to be swapped out, we will come out right away to get it done. Just give us a call.