Military Bases

Our goal is to make your job easier. Rest assured your grease will be responsibly handled by our professionally trained and licensed team, keeping you in compliance with all fat, oil and grease disposal regulations. We work with military bases and installations that produce used cooking oil.


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Used Cooking Oil Solutions For Military Bases

Green Nature Recycling provides comprehensive grease management solutions for kitchens that fry food on military bases and installations. Regardless of the size of your operation, we have the containment equipment you need to properly handle and dispose of your waste. We collect and recycle all types of cooking oil and restaurant grease.

Your operation is unique, and so are your oil recycling needs. Work with us and we will go above and beyond to find solutions that fit your food waste needs. If your facility has a fryer and oil disposal needs, then start working with us today.

Fryer Oil Disposal For Military Base Near Me?

Green Nature Recycling has licensed technicians and drivers operating throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and New York. Due to our efficient and robust operation, we can service our geographical area quickly. You will never have to wait long for service. We have perfected our routing system to ensure that no container will overflow.

Our Approach And Solution

GNR gives our customers several container options to meet their used oil disposal needs. We provide either indoor rolling bins or outdoor steel bins with locking lids. These containment tanks come in different sizes, based on how much fryer oil is produced. Our customer service team will help you choose the right solution. We always collect the used cooking oil before the container is full. It’s important to us to ensure you always have room to dispose of your grease.